We are proud to introduce our PLY Collection offering a set of attractive, strong and easy-to-mount furniture solely based on a principle of interlocking elements. We believe that its versatility will inspire many to build and to leave a little bit of themselves in it

Furniture built with your own hands

The whole collection is fully produced in Latvia using local materials - Baltic birch - and CNC machines in Riga. Our smart design do not require glue, nails or screws for assembly which facilitates transportation, storage and decreases the use of resources.

Plywood has many advantages: it is strong, resistant to expansion and shrinkage and has a naturally finished surface. The natural charm of birch and it’s particular grain, gives many possibilities to explore forms and enhance the beauty of details.

- PLY DESK. We believe that two heads are better than one but it is not often that one can find a working desk for two. This elegant desk includes special in-built features increasing the users’ efficiency in their working process and helps keeping their place neat and organized.

- PLY SHELF. Simple, yet functional, this shelf will fit well into different house or office interiors and is perfect for storing books and exposing objects. High attention to details creates a calm but memorable expression. We offer a variety of forms and heights, contact us to know more.

- PLY CHAIR. Don’t worry, you can rest your back, don’t let the unusual form scare you. By combining the strength and elegance of plywood with the softness of felt (optional), the chair gets its unique identity while providing comfort and keeping your back straight and healthy.

- PLY STOOL. Using only four pre-cut elements, this stool can be mounted in few a minutes. Very rational design with some elegant twists, it gives a specific character to the smallest member of our PLY Collection. For extra comfort a layer of 100% wool felt can be added.

- PLY WIP. We are working hard to add new members to the PLY collection. You can find out more on our webstore.

- PLY SPINOFF. Some of the PLY furniture principles are currently being applied to a larger scale project, visit Ecomoduls' page to know more. They were also used while designing the presentation table and event space for our client DEUVO-Gourmet Sweets. Combined with metal elements and rollers it got a desired industrial, yet crafted look.

Visit our webstore to order yours and for more info on each of them.