About Us

We are currently two partners contributing to indeed. Oksana and Brice Desportes.

We are offering consultancy services mainly targeting the design field. Trained as architects and engineers with a speciality in sustainable design, we consider ourselves primarily as problem solvers. Urbanism, architecture and design -commonly used for the furniture scale- are one and the same, based on a single and common entity: the human being.

We believe that all is driven by its frame of reference and its scale.

Reference is all that is there; the medium on which the product will lay as well as what or who will occupy it The context, with all its ingredients -actors, spectators, natural or artificial- is the foundation of all thoughts. One is Where and When one is.

Scale is the degree to which reference will be laid upon the product and to which all its constituents will relate to each others. Proportion and hierarchy between elements is crucial and the main determining element of composition not only aesthetically but also programmatically, functionally, socially or spiritually in order to reach an harmonious result that goes beyond subjective preferences.

Integrity is at the center of our work - for better or for worse - and honesty towards what we offer, as the relationships of its multiple constituents, is essential. Our answers are uniquely designed, not someone else's and no lesser than promised.

We do not believe in concepts in terms of what is has become: buildings as pebbles in the desert bearing the colors of a flag, but in driving ideas and line of thoughts anchored in a legitimate and rational reality of needs. The environment is a complex being thus necessitating a complex answer. This answer does not have to be complicated though.

This strong notion of relativity between all pieces aiming at creating a coherent whole is fully dependant on the total openness of our clients in regards to their needs, mores, habits, disponibilities and means. We therefore encourage them to share as much as possible just as one would speak to a physician about a sore back.

More than solving problems, our aim is to make our clients dream.