Easy to produce, personalized and elegant furniture to equip the apartment of a young couple. Plywood furniture has many advantages: it is strong, resistant to expansion and shrinkage, has a finished surface with the natural charm of birch grain and gives many possibilities to explore forms. Moreover, it integrates various functionalities that help improving habit patterns, while putting forward the beauty of the joints.

Design Solution

Using a principle of interlocking plywood elements, a set of strong and easily buildable furniture was developed. All the elements are dimensioned according to the material and its structural properties. They are pre-cut with a CNC and do not require glue, nails or screws for assembly which facilitates transportation or storage

The working table for two people includes special features which increase the efficiency of the users’ working process and help to keep the desk organized (slots to fit headphones, store cables, hold plugs and lamp or store pencils). Treated with oil the tabletop of 2000x600mm has a resistant, easy to maintain surface, which is pleasant to touch. This treatment also highlights the plywood grain and adds depth to its natural pattern.

Shelves with different height and width use the same interlocking principle introduced in the table. Simple, yet functional, they fit well into different interiors and are perfect for storing books and exposing objects.

The latest INTERLOCK family member are a chair and a stool. By combining the strength and elegance of plywood with the softness of felt, the chair gets its unique identity while providing comfort.

Some of the INTERLOCK furniture principles were used while designing the presentation table and event space for our client DEUVO-Gourmet Sweets. Combined with metal elements and rollers it got a desired industrial, yet crafted look.

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