Submit ideas and solutions to revitalize an existing public square/park and to re-purpose the space after the demolition of an adjacent building.


Create a gathering space in the historic center of the city.

In order to maintain the architectural volume of the demolished building and to bring more possibilities of uses, the concept of a common roof was introduced. This Pavilion gives people a shelter protecting them from the sun, rain or snow. Being simple in its architectural expression, the pavilion blends into the existing environment and brings significant qualities to the public space while improving users’ experiences. It gives volume and scale to the place, defines spaces and frame main perspectives. The structure of double columns creates a promenade around the perimeter of the pavilion and at the same time highlights important landmarks. The project gives a unique opportunity to extent the main square and therefore bring diverse activities to the city center all year long. More than being a simple landscaping intervention it has the potential to become a catalyst for its neighborhood and stimulate local businesses.