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    Belvedere Nikola Lenivet - 2012

    Hudsons mixed-use competion proposal, Detroit - 2013

    Research Master Thesis

    Experimental concept shifting between living and working spaces. Check the video to have a better idea.

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    Space Metamorphosis
    -click to view full report-

    Public Space competition
    1st Prize

    Creating a new urban platform for various functions and users.

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    Cost effective private
    housing concept


    Sustainable Housing
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    DEUVO event space - 2014

    Event space with table and backdrop to display and sell pralines during events. Had to be on rollers and fit in a regular sized car.

    Based on the interlock principle, easy to assemble and custom made to suit the clients’ needs. We detailed all necessary design and construction documents and provided a thorough follow up during the whole process.

    Bang and Olufsen display - 2012

    Installation in which the product’s operation is influenced by the user’s own emotional and physiological state. This interactive fixture is intimately personal.

    What can be more intimate than your own heart beat?

    Built and displayed during GlobalShop 2013

    Facade detail - 1:2

    Purposely designed in order to avoid cold bridges and guaranty optimal indoor comfort.

    Interior and exterior design elements

    Interior flexible furniture modules creating transitions between living and working environments.

    PLY furniture
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    architecture. design. planning
    -situation assessment
    -design consultancy
    -urban consultancy
    -concept sketching
    -concept development
    -housing projects
    -housing extentions
    -renovation projects
    -landscaping projects
    -sustainable advising
    -full project following
    -full project documention